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:hi:Our first post here, and we are already impressed with what a solid forum this is--great information and good people. We're looking forward to buying our Ascent!

We test drove Ascents and have decided on the Premium 7-seater with package 12.

I took a picture of the window ticket and see things listed that may be in addition to package 12, but I'm not sure. We're going back this week to buy and want to have a better handle on the pricing--what is add-on expense that is not included in the package.

Ext Auto Dim Mirrors
Cross Bars - adjustable
LED Upgrade Map & Dome
Splash guards
All weather floor liners
Cargo net - rear
Cargo tray
Sun Shade
Sun Shade 3rd row
Dealer provided tinted windows - including UV and other stuff not part of the Subaru tinted windows
Remote Engine Starter - push start
Dealer added door guards [some sort of guards, I think it was door]

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

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Hello JakeandBella,

I'm new to this forum as well and appreciate all the info and good tone here. It's been a great resource for me.

And I just went through what you have ahead of you, so I figured I might as well jump right in and give the advice I can. Others might have more insight and experience. We closed our deal last week and getting our Ascent Premium in a few days.

And all the options can be confusing and overwhelming, especially since not all online listing adhere to Subarus way of listing the features. My general advice is to get the physical Ascent brochure with the tables at the end (best easy overview) and the Subaru website (Do some builds)

Going through your list, I think 'Push button start' is the only feature that is part of Options package 12 (Convenience Package on the Subaru Build page).

I think you can place all options and accessories into 4 categories:

#1 Options that are part of a package and are factory installed.

For example OP 12 for the Premium has:
-Power Rear Gate
-Keyless Access with Push button Start
-Auto dimming rearview mirror w/ compass and homelink
-RAB (Reverse Automatic Breaking)
-Your choice of Captains Chairs or bench

My understanding is that these features are always only available with the whole package.

#2 Factory installed Options

Things are come with the vehicle from the factory.
Things like External. Dim Mirrors, All weather floor liners, Rear Bumber cover, Splashguards, Cargo Trays etc.

I'm not sure who makes the selections for these accessories, I'm guessing the dealers order cars with certain accessories based on what they think will be popular.

#3 Dealer Installed Options using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer, i.e. Subaru parts)
Subaru parts the dealer might add to the vehicle. For us this happened rather during the buying process when you decide there are a items that you would like to have, but the car didn't have them from the factory.
Make sure they are really Subaru parts!

#4 Dealer Installed Options using aftermarket parts.

Your base vehicle plus #1 and #2 make up your Window Sticker (or Monroney Label)

#3 and #4 are often posted as an Addendum Sticker, next to the Window Sticker.

Looking at your list I would think that most everything falls under #2 (or#3). Have the dealer email or print you the Window Sticker and you can easily see.

These look like #4 options:
Dealer provided tinted windows - including UV and other stuff not part of the Subaru tinted windows
Dealer added door guards [some sort of guards, I think it was door]

Probably these are the clear door edge guards that car dealers like to add, they look like a thick sticker.

Word of advice is that you need to be careful with #4 items and their pricing (google Addendum Sticker Scam)
and even #3 items. You can see what these #3 parts cost when you build a car on Dealers like to charge way more, claiming they have the labor (but so does the factory, nothing magically attaches itself to a car ?, sure the factory can do it cheaper than the dealer, but still. I negotiated the dealer down on everything that I needed them to install for me to almost the factory price )
Where it gets really tricky are #4 items, depending on how ethical your dealer is these can be good and fairly priced add-ons or a total rip-off. For example, one dealer I went to had a GPS Locator added to the car for a 1000 bucks (Police can pinpoint your car when stolen)! Nevermind the fact that these things cost between $50-120 on Amazon, but the biggest joke is that the Ascent already has this feature built in (with the Starlink Security Plus).

And overall I think oftentimes the endless negotiations about your add-ons are a distraction from the big fish. The price of your car (with #1 and #2 options)

Hope this helps!
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