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2020 8 Seat Limited (Crystal White Pearl)
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Last week, my Power Rear Gate strut (passenger side) began making this horrible gravelly-grindy-scrapy noise during opening and closing the gate.

Took it in to the dealer today - 2 things - the strut will be replaced under warranty, and, apparently the strut on that side is actually the motor that lifts and lowers the gate. The tech pointed out the rubber wiring cover that goes into it and that it technically is a strut but it also contains a motor that opens and closes the gate via a worm gear. Interesting - a lot going on inside what looks identical to the other strut. That explains why there is no bulge in the rear interior side panel (with an arm attaching to a concealed motor) like my 2017 Outback had.

The new strut-motor assembly was ordered and I will go back in for the replacement when it arrives.
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