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Ordered our Ascent Touring today using the VIP pricing through ASCPA Founders donation- thanks to this forum for introducing us to that!

Had a couple of "math errors" where the dealer tried to show me an invoice price that wasn't really invoice, and then another that didn't have the 2% removed for the VIP pricing. I gave him my disappointed dad face and he corrected it.

What was more shocking was the inflated registration and doc fees, and the damned vehicle etching stupidity that I just couldn't get out of. I still feel we got a great deal- but boy that other stuff is quite inflated and adds up quickly.

Anyway. The wait begins. Dealer is thinking December- I'm putting my money on January. We shall see.

Our second Subaru in the house. My 2013 Legacy will be on the road for many more years to come.
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