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I finally ran out of my 2 years worth of free oil changes in 6 months. So I did my first oil change today. A few things I noticed.

The drain plug takes a 14mm wrench and was tight. Socket worked better than a wrench with the clearance around the plug.

Surprised to find that the supper runny 0w20 did not get on the skid plate or the exhaust right next to it. The drain plug has blue stuff on it

Auto part

The crush washer really is a crush washer. Here’s a comparison picture of the old and new crush washer.
Finger Hand Thumb Nail Fashion accessory

The oil filter is super easy to get to.
The oil filler cap was on very very tight.
I put in 4.8 quarts as stated and ran the engine. Checked the level and it was between the add and full marks. I then put in the rest of the 5th quart and the level was at the full mark.
I vacuumed the bugs off the intercooler.
Hope this helps others.
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