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What surprised me was that I was able to use the Eyesight features, turn them on and off, use the (great) stereo, and just drive away without coaching. It's very intuitive. Of course, I've read the 500+ page Owners Manual, the Eyesight manual, the Service Manual, and the Body Repair manual each several times.
:grin: I laugh because I'm the RTMFM type, too, and I think in all honesty we cheat a little in saying that things come "intuitively."

It's only intuitive because we've read the manual, cover-to-cover! :nerd:

Big doors are really helpful too.
Subaru's designers and engineers got it right, this time. I think we should probably thank their consumer research base as well.

Two vehicles ago for me, I was in a '13 Tribeca which I initially didn't really like - but grew to love so much that I really hated giving it up at the end of the lease. Even so, it was hard to not admit that there were some rather serious flaws, one of which was the weight of the rear passenger doors.

They were larger than what I would have expected of the medium-SUV genre, and really made ingress/egress a snap, even for adults to crawl into the 3rd row. Furthermore, the large windows that sat in their frames made the interior quite airy, even without a moonroof.

That said, they were HEAVY, and that's something that neither my then younger child nor my aging MIL/FIL liked: and it even worried me with their safety, when parked uphill (on the flip side, the positive was that they didn't blow shut/or fly open on gusty days....).

I was thrilled to see that Subaru got this part of the equation right, this time around.

In terms of the ride, the wifey and the MIL have both praised it in short order. I've gotta admit, I've gotten spoiled by it pretty fast. Sure, it rolls a bit more than I'd like, but I understand that it's because it's a conventional suspension setup, and that it really doesn't have sporting pretensions. And in all honesty, I'm perfectly fine with the trade-off.

Here's to many happy miles in your new vehicle, from one multi-Subaru family to another. :smile: The Ascent is our 8th, and my wife will likely re-up with another WRX when her lease on the current runs out this February.
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