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I drove my Ascent and my wife's Impreza for their "pre-closing inspection run" just now. We close on both tomorrow. I am impressed by both: No issues noted, and the Ascent was really a cool car.
As far as I can tell, these represent my (our) 24th and 25th vehicle. Fit and finish on both were superb. I didn't remember that the gray leather in the Limited was stitched in contrasting stiching, which is a nice touch.
Engine and tranny were great. I never liked CVT trannys, and I always swore I wouldn't be caught dead in a car with a 2 liter turbo like the Audis, but throttle tip-in was crisp and power was always available on demand.
I'm coming from 15 years in three Acura MDX's. The most recent, a 2007, was one of the first cars with things like voice activation and memory seats. It's one of the last cars with computer-driven magnetorheological shocks for variable ride control. Even so, the Ascent handled as well or better. Interior finish on the Ascent is certainly on par with the "kind of luxury" level of the MDX.
What surprised me was that I was able to use the Eyesight features, turn them on and off, use the (great) stereo, and just drive away without coaching. It's very intuitive. Of course, I've read the 500+ page Owners Manual, the Eyesight manual, the Service Manual, and the Body Repair manual each several times.
I'm also thankful for the low entry, especially with a 9 inch ground clearance. I'm a bit disabled, and have had to struggle into the MDX recently. Big doors are really helpful too.
I hope that this fantastic first impression will last for years.
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