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This is a blatant ripoff of a thread started by a longtime poster and mod from down under over on the Crosstrek forum, and I always really liked looking through it and participating in it, so I'm porting it over here:

We all know the Ascent is not just a great city/suburban daily driver... it is a versatile and capable recreational vehicle that excels off-road!

What do you use your Ascent for? ... biking? ... hiking? ... camping? ... canoeing? ... getting away to that little cabin in the woods? ... visiting National Parks?

Start posting those photos of your Ascent "off the beaten track". I'll get us started...

Have a pair of older images that are poor examples (but examples nonetheless) of what I'm talkin about:



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Very nice, thanks for sharin. So far I've only driven in sand like that in a Crosstrek, how'd the bigger vehicle handle it?
I still have OEM tires which I aired down to about 20lb and I didn't fear getting stuck at any point. It prefered the packed sand and sand that hadn't been driven on mostly because when I followed in the tracks that were already made I could tell it rubbed the bottom a little. I'm considering getting a 1-2" lift someday and my next set of tires will be A/T. I blame the deep tracks in the very dry sand and the stock tires for an EyeSight anomoly while on the beach. Come to find out when the steering wheel is turned -136* and the vehicle is still traveling straight, the computer tells all driver assist functions to turn off. No biggie because I don't really need LKA or ACC on the beach and they re-enable after a couple off/on cycles.
It was funny though that all the 4wd trucks, Subaru's, and Audi's out there were fine, but I saw a couple Chevy SUV's stuck ?

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Camped at Hickory Run State Park in PA this past weekend. One of the dirt roads leads to fording the water across an old CCC dam.


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Shaffer Trail, Moab Utah. It's our first trip to Moab with the Ascent and third time there. First with an XTerra Offroad, second with a modified Jeep Cherokee. This time the road was by far tamer than the other two outings. Only one stair step which brought the opposing tires off the ground. Still getting the dust off the back hatch crevices. Loved the looks we got from those who rented lifted Jeeps to do the trail.
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