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We had a family trip to Telluride this past weekend and had a great time. The Ascent did great on the 7-hour trip, my 15 yr old son drove most of the way on I-70 and I felt a lot safer with the adaptive cruise control. The onboard wi-fi was great for getting work done on my laptop in the back seat and the kids were entertained for the whole trip.

While in Telluride we went hiking and stand up paddleboarding, to get to Alta lakes at 11,000 feet we had to go on a rough dirt road for about 5 miles. The road was rutted and had some water crossings, I was very impressed with the Ascent. I learned about the X-mode -(I was reading the manual as my wife drove). It works as long as the vehicle is going less than 25 miles an hour and the vehicle descent control is integrated into the X-mode, so there isn't a separate button to press for that. You can use the brake and the accelerator while in x-mode just so you don't go over 25 miles an hour. This may be all the same as an Outback, but I've never driven an Outback in X-mode. So I left the car in X-mode and let the downhill ascent control bring it down the rough sections, then accelerated up the rocky sections. It's different than locking into 4-low in a four-wheel drive but got us through what we needed to do. The one thing that wasn't great, was the 20-inch wheels and tires. I wish I could have gotten the Limited with 18 wheels and plan on buying a set when I am looking at snow tires. The limiting factor to me doing more off road was the low profile 20" tires and lack of a full-size spare. I think these can be easily corrected for our future off-road adventures.


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