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Does anyone have any experience with the OEM windshield washer fluid for the Ascent? It appears the Subaru standard ones are the following (not specific to Ascent or any model):
Part Number: SOA868V9233 Supersession(s): SOA868V9232
  1. SOA868V9233 - Subaru Windshield washer fluid | Subaru Part Wholesale, Libertyville Illinois OR
  2. Windshield Washer Fluid SOA868V9233 | Subaru Parts Plus

I read a few washer fluid threads on the forum. I want to avoid Rain-X or any of the aftermarket products. In bay area, I guess I don't need any special features/formulations. So, leaning towards the OEM stuff.

Wanted to hear any pros and cons if anyone has been using the above.

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I use Prestone's yellow "rain sensor" safe washer fluid, or, in the winter, any cold temperature one that doesn't have hydrophobic properties.

The Subaru ones may be two different temp ratings.

Mostly, my dealership fills it with whatever is correct for the season (I fill it on my long trips when I run out between oil changes).
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