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Here's my report on the 1up rack with reverse sideplates. I don't think 1up mentions the reverse side plate option on their website. I found out after emailing to them.

1up made an inexplicable omission in their design, and I'll get to that in a minute.

Overall, the 1up is an exceptional unit. It's got a cool, industrial look to it. Mostly aluminum, so it's lightweight.

The rack locks to the hitch tube via a unique mechanism that's described at Steps 4 & 6 in the instructions. It's too complicated for me to describe, but the rack can be shoved back and forth about 3 inches inside the hitch tube. The locking mechanism functions within a range, instead of only one spot. Nice touch. There's a security pin too, but that only acts as an anti-theft device, not to tighten the rack to the hitch.

The second tire tray sets a bit higher than the first tire tray, which I thought was pretty cool.

It occurs to me that Suby owners expect Subaru to make the practical choices rather than stylish ones. Subaru dropped the ball with their groovy-looking but impractical dual exhaust that blows hot gases straight back. They shoulda put curved tips on the ends that turned the hot exhaust gases downward.

The 1up avoids the hot gas blast zones. The rack sets just high enough to miss the pipes. Yay!

With the reverse sideplate option you lose the ability to fold the rack vertically against the vehicle. The mechanism runs into itself, so it just can't be done. It folds up fairly tight so I don't think that's gonna be a game-stopper for most.

The rack will also fold outward, away from the car. The glaring omission which I referred to earlier is that 1up provided no stop. The rack will swing down to the ground. This is a dopey flaw in a very expensive rack. I complained to 1up. Their reply? I've got 60 days to send it back.

A person could fabricate a little kickstand, or just bring something like a block of wood to set under the rack. So it's not the end of the world. Just highly annoying. The 1up with standard sideplates does have a stop.

The instructions could be better. The first two steps described folding the tire tray out and away from the rack, but mine didn't come partially assembled so I just did the obvious thing and bolted the trays on.

We have two heavy e-bikes so I ordered the Super Duty version. There were no instructions for adding the Super Duty bars. I figured it out on my own a coupla days after assembly.

I would recommend the 1up with reverse sideplates to any Ascent owner with the OEM hitch. Even though it's missing a stop, and the instructions are flawed. The black anodizing looks nice, don't you think?


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