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The setup lets you select if you want a chime when you lock the car using the key fob. HOWEVER, if you manually lock the doors by pressing the lock button and closing the door, I do not get a chime like my wife's Forester.

It is reassuring to know you successfully locked your doors before leaving it. It is useless to check by pulling on the handle because the key fob is tucked away deep in your pocket or bag and it will open.

Has anyone succeeded in getting a chime when they lock the doors using the lock button instead of the key fob?

So far this is the ONLY thing I dislike about my new Ascent.
I know you also get a chime and flashing lights if you touch the door handle to lock it - assuming you have a push to start. You can also then pull the handle to "test" it if you do it within so many seconds (30 seconds?). To lock from handle - just touch the 3 little hash marks.
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