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Off topic, but...

My '07 Forester had a fatal engine failure (that probably had to do with a low oil issue) that required an engine replacement at about 160,000 miles. As I was investigating options on rebuilds versus engine swaps and the availability of alternate engines, I was made aware of a number of used engines from Japan, imported to the US, that have to be swapped out at some mileage point because of Japanese regulations, regardless of the condition of the engine. The mileage requirement seemed quite low compared to the miles we put on our cars. It would have been a good option except the engines were on the west coast and I'm in New England, so shipping would have eaten up the savings.

Is anyone aware of this?

(We eventually went with a junk yard engine transplant. The service people found a lower mileage engine, pulled it apart, replaced the head gasket, and replaced a "few pulleys" that are OEM plastic with metal ones for better dependability. It's still running.)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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