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We're buying tomorrow, deciding between Outback and Ascent but probably Ascent. We are just a little confused on the towing hitch. It seems nothing we see at our dealership online mentions tow hitches so I'm assuming we need to say that we want one added. Can someone please tell us in plain language what we need to ask for an an approx cost? And, if we're buying something on the lot already, would we just schedule later to have their parts dept add it on? We are not very adept at car tinkering so also wondering if we can ask for trailer brakes at that time. As of now we would only be towing a 1200 lb super lite trailer of my dad's but, looking for something of our own later and want to be prepared. Or, maybe it's a lot cheaper and just as good to get these somewhere else. Sorry, I feel like quite the newbie on a forum that seems full of knowledge but, hopefully that works out well for us. ;) Thanks everyone! :smile:

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You鈥檙e on the right track here.
When looking at Ascents on the lot just ask to pop the rear bumper cover off and see if the one you want has the hitch installed. If there鈥檚 a hitch under the cover all it takes is a twist of 2 little finger screws at the bottom of the cover to remove it.
If it鈥檚 there, you鈥檙e all set. If not, the part itself is close to $400 so ask the dealer to have it installed and keep the price as close to that as possible. They should be able to install it in a couple hours.
Since you want a brake controller, make sure they leave you the wiring adapter to plug in. You鈥檒l have to purchase a brake controller separately. This thread discusses installation and a lot of people recommend the Tekonsha P3
Everything is plug n play but you鈥檒l have to find a location to mount the controller.

I hope that helps. Happy shopping!

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Best choice, IMHO, is the OEM hitch receiver which is matched to the vehicle and also crash tested, according to Robert Mauro. If you're buying "off the lot", ask that the dealer install the OEM hitch receiver kit. You may need to pay some labor since you're not factory ordering, but it will be the "real deal". I agree with xydadx3 relative ot the Tekonsha P3. It's an excellent brake controller for a reasonable's probably the "market leader", at least unofficially.
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