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HI Gang looking to potentially buy a 2020 Ascent and hoping Subaru introduces this summer instead of the fall.

Currnently drive a 2009 Mazda CX9 that has been pretty reliable and fun to drive due to its handling and pickup and power in the big six in the Mazda.

One of the big things that attracts me to the CX9 and the Ascent is the ability to get heated cloth seats. Nothing worse than getting into a car that has been in 95' heat all day or freezing cold leather. Hands down cloth is more comfortable and a lot less expensive.

With that said I hate the Interior of the Ascent Premium with the dashboard pattern. When i test drove the vehicle the steering was very light compared to the Mazda. Hoping they will change in 2020. The CVT makes me a bit nervous as well but its the future for most cars. Hope Subaru got it right in the Ascent.

I could probably get over the steering issue and CVT as i like mostly everything else about the vehicle but cant take the interior. Will Subaru put out a communication about improvements in the vehicle before its available?
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