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New to Subaru

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New to the forum, Subaru and the Ascent. It’ll be our first Subaru and should be arriving sometime in October. I’ve been enjoying reading some of the messages on here and I’m sure i’ll be coming back seeking more information when mine arrives.
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Welcome! The Ascent will be my 6th. Since having a Subaru I have no desire to get another brand. Wanted an suv 3 years ago.
Got a Nissan Rogue
.never happy with it. Was so excited when I saw Subaru was coming out with Ascent. I went right away and traded my Rogue in. So happy to have a Subaru again.
Welcome to the forums! May your wait be short and your time here spent gathering knowledge. I would suggest reading the owners manual when you have a minute
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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