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Hi Gang
Just drove the ascent, and noticed when accelerating, it jumps right up, ( or gets moving ) then the shift ( bounces or bumps like shifting ) then the the turbo kicks in and more shift points. Is this normal? Touring model It all felt sort of jumpy but noticed I was doing forty with no problem.
When I got back to the dealer I drove the outback 3.6R, now that car gets on it right away, seems so much faster and smoother CVT acceleration. Kind of loved the fast response just pushing the peddle couple of inches.
Put the order in on the ascent anyway, they said I could change my mind any time. Ascent touring nice vented seats, fan is loud, but set it on second setting and fan noise fades away. Navigation in the upper screen is great, turn radius nice, radio terrific sound on number 8 setting.
Added options hitch, cargo tray, seat protector, cargo net, floor mats which I may cancel, roof racks, side moldings, illuminated side mirror, led interior light,
rear bumper cover, remote starter, splash guards, sunshade, third row window shades, rear usb charging ports.
Okay here goes, all that comes to 48507, said they would knock off 1200. I signed papers now the long waiting period.
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