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In researching cars for my son who is in college, I found out that Subaru's are excellent cars to own and that most owners keep them a very long time. So we fount a 2016 Subaru Outback for him, and he and I drove cross country to take him back to school. I was so impressed with the car, I knew my next car would be a Subaru, but I thought this would be in a few years as we just paid off all our cars.

About a month later, my husband goes on a trip to California and drives a newer model rental car where his phone could connect with Bluetooth, and he could stream his favorite Pandora channels. Upon his return, he starts talking about wanting to get a new car and that we should start looking. I told him there was no need as I wanted a Subaru since it would be the family vehicle. Following my lead, we went to a Subaru dealer on a Sunday so we could look without a sales associate asking us a lot of questions. We looked at the Outback, and the Ascent at one dealership and my husband liked the Ascent but wanted a blue one, as he fell in love with the color on an Outback. A few hours later, on our way home, we stopped by another dealership as they had a Blue Ascent on the lot, but it had the light interior, so we were not interested, but we thought we could look at the color to see if we liked it on the Ascent. Well, that dealership happened to be open due to it being a holiday. A few hours later, they located our car, we ordered a few extra accessories, and we walked out new Ascent owners.

We have had the car just a week, and both my husband and I love the car. We are learning something new about it every day, and look forward to owning it for a very long time.
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