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Hey everyone! New 2020 Ascent owner here. Got the touring edition with a couple extra upgrades, led lights, hitch, etc...

now I came from a Forester(lifted, tires, suspension) and I’m looking to do the same to the ascent. Only thing I’m concerned about is the lift leasing with my 5k towing capacity and tongue weight. I mainly got this for camping, camper, and music festivals.

also, just purchased the entire exhaust with mufflers from nameless. Don’t see any videos of the mid pipe and mufflers together so I’ll post a video as soon as it’s installed.

any advice on a lift and how it affects towing would be appreciated!

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Hello. There is also a good discussion on exhaust and mid pipe mods in this forum. There is also discussion in the COBB tuning thread. I took video outside and inside cabin with my nameless catback exhaust mufflered version. You can access via this thread or YouTube.

Regarding a lift there is some inherent Longevity risk in doing any Suspension mod. I dont claim to be an expert but I spoke to local shops and had phone and email conversations with ADF. LP. PRIMITIVE. And EIBACH. I went with primitive racing. I think less than 1.5” is essential and for towing the higher spring rate is helpful. It’s working for me.
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