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Hello, new guy here! Recently decided to jump on the Ascent bandwagon, trading up from my 2015 Forester XT. I've had a lot of fun with the XT, and may have went a bit overboard with the modifications.........Lately I've been thinking about my next car, and surely wanted to stay in the brand, but wanted something more comfortable. Getting my Forester back to stock only confirmed that want for me, so after way too much reading on the Ascent, I went to see my dealer contact and ordered a White Ascent Touring!

I added on the following:
Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirror with Approach Light
Rear Bumper Cover
Trailer Hitch
Cargo Tray
Rear Seatback Protectors
3rd Row Sunshade
USB Charging Ports

I have the mirrors on my Forester, so that was a no-brainer, as I LOVE them. The rest were just things that I thought I might miss if I didn't check that box. I don't have kids, or a boat, but we'll see what the next few years bring. Better to be prepared, right?

I'm not planning on modifying this one like I did the Forester, but to be honest, I said the same thing when I traded my WRX for the XT. So we'll see. At this point I'm envisioning the perfect tailgate vehicle, with a nice canopy on the roof rack, plenty of space for chairs and tables, and connections for the big TV in the back!

I'm happy to find an established forum already as well. I was pretty active on the Forester forums, so I hope to contribute here as well. This will be my 6th Subaru, and I have been an Ambassador since the inception of the program. I also help to manage SoFloSubies, one of the largest active groups of Subaru owners in Florida. Can't wait to share my experience with the Ascent, when it finally gets here!
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