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I have a 2020 Ascent Limited, Abyss Blue, 8 Passenger with Ivory interior on order. This is my return to Subaru after having owned a 2016 Forester XT which I loved. I ended up getting a Touring Pilot (top end in Canada) to tow a travel trailer. At the time the Ascent was announced but still a year away from being available. The Pilot is nice in many ways but I hate the 9 speed transmission after coming from the buttery smooth Forester XT and the safety suite is really poorly executed. I drive approx 30,000 km per year so these things bugged me.

My only comment about the ascent was they lowered the quality of the transmission by introducing fake shift points. That would be like adding in fake shift points on a BEV where you program in power cuts to imitate it shifting gears. I understand why they do it for people who are not used to CVT it but would be nice to be able to turn it off. It serves no practical purpose.

We also have a 2015 Impreza 5 speed in the driveway. Quite possibly the nosiest car I have ever driven but still fun in a Subaru kind of way.

Looking forward to be a long time Ascent driver!
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