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Hiya from NoVA. Just brought home a new silver Ascent Premium over the weekend. Traded in our 2018 Crosstrek, which I loved and am gonna miss, but the kids are just too durn big for even the generous back seat of the Crosstrek. At 6' and 6'2" and not even old enough to drive yet (although the 6'2" is gonna be very very soon), my step-sons were miserable on our yearly drives to north FL to their grandad's house. On top of that is we have my 13yo son for the summer visitation then, so it got really tight. With the Ascent's 3rd row seats and tons more cargo space (including my crossbars and roof basket with a cargo bag), I'm confident the road trips are going to be much more comfortable (relatively speaking). I am also fairly impressed with how the Ascent drives. I expected the bigger car to feel like I was driving a bigger car. While I can tell it is bigger, the difference isn't nearly as pronounced as I expected. Taking on/off ramps, tight corners, and u-turns the car doesn't feel nearly as ponderous as I expected. In fact it feels like driving a car, not a big 'ole SUV. My experience driving the bigger vehicles is with true trucks (a Jeep, Ford F150, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan XTerra, and Ford cargo van). The Ascent feels much more like driving a car to me, which is great. Felt almost no body roll in the on/off ramps, and the car was very confidence-inspiring in corners.

Also, this is my first car with the Eyesight, and I'm loving it. I have the Reverse Auto Braking , power gate, push-button start, and auto-dimming mirror (from what is apparently option package #12), with the little HUD-like lights and the lights on the side mirrors. Nice tech. I think the Ascent isn't quite as attractive on the outside as the Crosstrek (although I don't think its ugly either), but it's really fantastic on the inside (which is where I spend most of my time anyway :D ). Plus, the wife loves the Ascent, so there's that :) . I'll try to get some pics to share, but right now the weather in NoVA is really unpleasant, so it'll have to wait.
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