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So, about 2.5 years ago my wife bought an outback. I was so impressed with it that I almost bought one also... Problem was the tow capacity was not enough to make me jump... When the Ascent hit the streets, my wife traded her Outback for one. I met her at the dealership and signed some papers, then she told me to drive it home... And I did.... That was Wednesday.... Saturday I traded my truck for the other one on the lot. Metallic Gray limited, 8 seater, all the 'limited' bells and whistles. That was 1 month age to the day. Never looked back.... Now, I see there are some tall guys on the forum, I'm 6'6", very long in the leg.... Hence my screen name, this Ascent fits me very nicely, actually a pleasure to drive. I have logged 1200 miles this month. I'm a fan! Now, if they only made some aftermarket parts to personalize it, I'd be even happier!
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