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I've heard new cars still have rail contaminants and should be cleaned prior to any sealant or coating.
Below are steps recommend for prepping and protection new car paint for up to 6 months...longer is using a ceramic coating.

-2 bucket wash in shade with warm water with soap that doesn't contain any protectants like Meguiars Deep Crystal.
-Let car dry and mist on a product like CarPro Iron X and let sit until it looks like it's run it's coarse then apply another light coating and let it sit longer than about 10min. Any iron contaminants should turn purple and breakdown and then be able to be washed off. Make sure to hose car down well after this treatment.
-Test paint with a ziplock bag for any roughness, if found use a product like Mothers Speed Clay/Griot's Synthetic Clay with Deep Crystal as the lubricant. Use very light pressure until paint is smooth and make sure to keep it well lubed.
-Check for any marring and if needed use a compound like FG400 or M105 to correct it. Polish is usually never needed if compound is used properly.
-Apply a wax a tar remover like Rustoleum Wax&Tar Remover to prep the paint for best sealant adhesion. Some use an IPA like CarPro eraser, but some claim it could swell the paint over time and wax and tar remover is a safer option. Although it's seems anything below a 15% IPA is safe for softer clearcoats like the ones used on Japanese cars.
-Use a sealant like Jescar or Wolfgang Deep Gloss 3.0 sealant and let cure followed up with Collinite Insulator Wax#845 if you want to really blow your socks off.
-To seal the windows/wheels and interior panels you can use Ultima Paint Protection plus or Opti-Seal. It's a spray with a light wipe and walk away type product lasts 2-4 months on windows and wheels and much longer on interior panels.
-For upkeep use Ultima Waterless Wash or Wolfgang Uber Rinse in a garden sprayer to spray on and wipe off to keep it paint clean. If very dirty bucket wash with Deep Crystal.
-Every few months apply another coat of 845 and every about 6 months prep paint and apply another coat of sealant like Jescar or Wolfgang Deep Gloss 3.0
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