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New 2021 Ascent rolled away

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Today I parked my ascent in front of my house pointed hood first down my driveway. Normally I park hood up the incline but was unloading groceries and firewood. Definitely put the car in park, made multiple trips inside and unloaded everything. Later in the afternoon looked out the window and car was gone.
found it at the bottom of the hill caught on a tree. One foot to the right and it would have gone over a tall bank into a stream.
Car was still firmly in park.
obviously we can fix the damage but WHY did it just roll away about 150 feet at least. Is there a black box thingy that can be analyzed? I am really hesitant to drive it again after this.
currently I have large boulders stuffed under the tires.
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Was the driveway bare or covered in snow/ice?
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