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2021 Ascent Limited. 2005 Forester.
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Just got my new Ascent Limited this weekend. Made it to the local ski hill parking lot the next day with just over 40 miles on the odometer! My daughter will be driving soon and she will be taking over my 2005 Forester. This is my first new car for myself - pretty exciting.

I have enjoyed reading through different topics on the forum while I was deciding what vehicle to buy over the last few months. We will be towing a 6x12 cargo (adventure) trailer loaded with bikes and camping gear at some point this summer. Still working out the best way to mount the bikes and organize the gear in the trailer.

No pictures from my first outing but surely will have some pictures or other experiences to share soon!

My Ascent is "blue on the outside and all creamy on the interior." Anyone remember this song? The quoted part is at 1:56.
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