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Heck of a choice for this to be my first post, but I guess it fits..

I am in southern VA and plan to purchase this soon from across the border in NC. I am trading in a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma (P.O.S. IMHO). I am buying a White premium with moonroof in the 7 passenger config The included options are actually options package 14, and Popular Package #2A.

Sticker Price: $40,357
Installed leather on all seats: $1,200 (I pick the color out of like 50 different swatches)
Tax in NC is 3%, which at worst case is $1,210
Doc Fee $700
All that adds up to $43,467

I owe $23,200 on my truck and I am getting out the door right at $35,000

So if I figure this right, I subtract my OTD price (35k) from the total (43k) and it leaves me $8,467.

If I add that $8+k surplus on to the truck I am trading it's like they are giving me $31,667 for the truck on trade which I am totally cool with.

To me this sounds like a pretty good deal... Interested to hear thoughts.

I am also going to try and get a tow hitch thrown in.
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