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1D30 random roll for endurance...

When you open the MySubaru App and look at the "Vehicle Condition Check" it'll tell you the date and time of its last refresh for tire pressures, ODO reading, range, and average MPG.

Those all match the data if I check from the car itself, except for the average MPG. The listed MPG in MySubaru never matches what it says in my car. Where does this information come from? It doesn't seem to be pulling MPG data from the car's computer. It must be using some calculation...
It randomly rolls a 1D30 I think. :grin:

Seriously though, I think it's total since start, or total since some other random time (last thousand?) and rounded to the nearest 2 or 5 mpg increment. I don't recall seeing anything other than 20 or 25 mpg on mine to date. Hopefully someone else can chime in if they've seen differently.
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