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Today I signed the purchase order for Ascent Premium 8-passenger. I would like to share my deal now, though I am still working on finance. It is the type of "last day of month" deal.

Ascent Premium 8-passenger: MSRP $37,112
KCB, option 12, some accessories
Sale price: $32,799
OTD: $35,698 (NJ tax 6.625%), ~3.8% off MSRP

Sounds like a good deal? Well, I am sure Dan from Liberty Subaru could make it better if he has one in stock. It is just unfortunate they don't have this 8-passenger model which my wife really wants, so I ended up with buying from another dealer.

However, I would like to thank Dan for his help throughout the process. He is nice, patient, candid and responsive. He is the 1st dealer I contacted, but provided such an aggressive offer that none of the ~40 dealer I contacted later could beat (except one who got NJ sales tax wrong).

I would highly recommend Dan to everyone if you want to save the hassles of negotiation (which I went through, but it is exhausting) but still get great savings. It is pity that I didn't contact him earlier.

It is my understanding May is the best month if you are looking to buy a 2019 Ascent, because every dealer is trying to deplete inventory for MY2020. In particular, it seems Dan now has some really CRAZY offer for Ascent Premium 7-passenger. If you happen to want that one, you wouldn't regret asking.

I am happy to become a Subaru owner. Will report more after the Ascent is delivered to me.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Even though you did not purchase with me due to inventory and time constraints I am SUPER happy you found a car. ENJOY IT! As I have already made it known to you, if you need anything at all in the future please touch base with me. I am here to help!

Good luck with the new car!

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+1 muddee (if I can piggy back on your shout out to Dan and re-post my review after using Liberty)

This is a FAVORABLE review of Liberty Subaru. I took Dan's offer and contacted him via this website. Told him we were looking for a 2019 Ascent and after going over the details of what we wanted he offered that a 2020 was going to be just as fast for delivery and we could order it the way we wanted rather than him looking for a match. (I was actually having trouble just getting a price quote from a dealer I've used. After a few frustating days I went back to Liberty) Dan quoted me a price and a time estimate and sounded confident in both.

I order a 2020 Ascent Limited with KCE-21 trim. Metallic Gray / 7-passenger version with captain's seat.
rear bumper cover / Trailer Hitch / Roof Cross Bars / Cargo Tray / All Weather Liners


Liberty document fee $395
NJ Sales tax 2520.68
Motor Vehicle Tire fee 7.50

TOTAL - $40,576.18

We had a drop-dead date for traveling and were a bit anxious that it might be cutting it close. Dan kept me regularly informed with updates and timing on the delivery. He has a very good grasp of the order/delivery process, is very easy to talk with on the phone and in-person. The car delivery date was as projected, which we were very happy about. Our price was exactly as quoted. The transaction process and the delivery was handled very well so (our) time was not wasted when we arrived. This is a big purchase and we felt like we were appreciated as customers. I do Highly Recommend Liberty Subaru. - (Thanks Dan)
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