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2020, Ascent Limited CWP, 2010 Legacy Limited SWP, 2013 STI Hatchback PBP
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Hello all,
I've been driving Subaru's since 2009 when I first bought my 2010 MY legacy, since then its only been Subarus! They have been great cars for us and welcomed our newest and biggest at the end of March 2020 three days before my first born son came into the world. Finally have something with some ground clearance to do some "off- Roading", here she is in Outer Banks, NC in Carova beach.

Quick history, parents bought a Forester in 2008, (getting a new wheel bearing in the below pic), then I bought my 2010 legacy in July 2009, my sister bought a 2011 impreza sport, I ended up inheriting this when my parents moved to FL, she got the Forester since they don't deal with snow. I bought my dream car in 2012 (2013 STI hatch, blew up in OCT. 2019 at Summit Point WV; and now is fully built).

With the new addition to the family we decided to get the latest and greatest, 2020 Ascent, my sister didn't take good care of the Impreza and had major leaks from the head gaskets, and I smashed a 6 point deer and little while back and didn't get the AC fixed so I traded that one in. Haven't had great luck with the Turbo Subaru, but hopefully this one will last more than 39k before a new engine is needed. Will be lurking these forums for a while see you guys around!

2009 Forester 5MT (parents)
2010 Legacy Limited
2013 STI Hatch 6MT
2011 Impreza Sport 5MT
2020 Ascent Limited




1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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