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Motion Sickness

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This may seem like a funny question, but is anyone else experiencing motion sickness while driving in this car? I have never had an issue with motion sickness in my life, but since I picked up the car on Friday I have been the passenger several times and have experienced motion sickness each time.

I just traded my BMWx3 for this car, but now I am questioning my decision. I'm wondering if I am just not used to a car this large. I read somewhere that adding sway bars will help.

Any information or insight would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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For what it's worth - people with newer Outbacks have commented on this same issue on the Outback forums, and the "fix" was to upgrade the rear sway bar. Something to consider. It was mentioned above by traildog but I see people still asking about it.
Looking forward to your post-install review.
Aftermarket parts would only stop a warranty claim (manufacturer defect and you're removing manufacturer part) on that piece. So if you had issues with the sway bars and took it into service for a warranty repair they'd tell you it's not a defect because you're using aftermarket.

It would have no impact on the coverage. You're covered in the event anything else happened, to say, the powertrain or electronics.
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Is it a Touring? I’ll buy it ?
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