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Motion Sickness

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This may seem like a funny question, but is anyone else experiencing motion sickness while driving in this car? I have never had an issue with motion sickness in my life, but since I picked up the car on Friday I have been the passenger several times and have experienced motion sickness each time.

I just traded my BMWx3 for this car, but now I am questioning my decision. I'm wondering if I am just not used to a car this large. I read somewhere that adding sway bars will help.

Any information or insight would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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You may just need to tighten up the handling a bit coming from a BMW X3. You can be my second tester, see if they help you. See this link below.

Yes please. What would I need to do, and how do I install the bushings? What about sway bars?
Oh no, me too. Just brought ours home today. I noticed it on the test drive as a passenger, but thought it was just the bad weather and my husband's trying to see how it handled. Wasn't a problem when I test drove it previously (that was a different Ascent). Today it was me driving, I think the same car he test drove. Wishing you could return a car the same day you bought it....

Yeah, I did ask the dealer if I could return it a few days after purchase. That was a no!

The thing is, that unless I'm willing to pay for an expensive German car, I feel that this will be the issue no matter which SUV I go with. I really do think it's a great SUV, I'm just hoping the feeling will go away as I get used to it.

I did lower the tires by just taking the caps off and letting it sit for a bit (not sure how much air that let out).

I'm going to try these new bushings to see if it helps.
The OP should have her bushings. Hopefully there will be feedback here. Some other users have made some positive comments regarding motion control.

I did get them, thank you! I am planning on having my mechanic install them for me. I will let you know as soon as they are in.
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Judging from the "air in the tire" comment, I don't think the OP is going to have much success putting on the bushing without getting a mechanic involved.

That was my plan. I am actually very mechanically inclined, but I have never let air out of a tire before which is why I asked if taking the caps off was sufficient.

Since I'm driving with my baby in the car, I'm planning on having a mechanic install them for me to be safe.
Installing on Thursday! Will let you know how it goes :)
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Ok, so here's my update as promised. Thank you Chris for sending these new bushings to me!

The 75s were installed by my mechanic yesterday.

My initial impression is that the handling and ride have improved (to my taste). As I mentioned before, coming from a German car, I much prefer to feel the road when I'm driving.

In terms of car sickness, I don't think I've driven enough with the new bushings to give it an honest assessment. I'm beginning to think there may be several features at play here.

1. The initial softness of the ride (prior to the new bushing installation).
2. The overly large windows.
3. The wind noise on the highway. I'm not sure if this is affecting motion sickness or just giving me a headache.

It's interesting to see that I am not the only one having an issue with motion sickness. I'm waiting to see what happens as more buyers take delivery of their cars.

As for me, I'm not certain if I am just going to try to deal with my issues with the car or look to replace it and take a huge hit on the depreciation. It's too bad because I think the car is really beautiful, I guess I'm just not happy with enough things to consider trading it in with less than a month of ownership.
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Glad i found this thread. We have an older BMW X5 and test drove the Ascent. I didn't take me 3 min to get nauseous. As the driver! Drove home in the X5 and nothing. My daughter in the back seat also complained about getting sick.

I'm guessing you are not going to purchase the car. Do you have others that you are cross shopping?
In the for what it's worth department - and I know you've already helped by getting different bushings - I have to ask a question.

Was the car you came from a CVT or conventional transmission?

When our CVT first came out several years ago, some of my customers noted they felt a bit of motion sickness. The Continuously Variable changing of the transmission was too subtle for the customer to consciously feel or hear, but they had a sensitive inner ear and could feel it, causing motion sickness that they wouldn't feel, even when on a small boat on a lake.

Combine the CVT with the new, more floating suspension on the Ascent, and we're in a perfect storm for motion sickness again, especially with those people who aren't used to it already.

My last car was a BMW x3, so yes there is a huge difference in the driving dynamics. That is why I am hoping that between the new bushings and adjusting to the new drive, this feeling will disappear.

I am concerned, because I have never had motion sickness. I even drove as a passenger sitting in the back seat while reading on a 5 hour road trip in the BMW and not a hint of motion sickness.

I can see how going to a CVT will change how you feel while in the car.
Yes, I think that is what is bothering me (I imagine it's different for everyone) - sort of a weird floating up and down sensation. My husband says it's like driving a marshmallow. Can that be adjusted at all by the dealer, rather than trying to do something ourselves that would make it less able to be traded back in if it doesn't work?

Did you install new bushings? I am wondering how it worked for you.
HI, There are a lot of posts and, at a quick glance, I didn't see the one thing that made me car sick on my test drive of the Ascent Touring package model...the video rear view mirror!
It made me sick almost instantly. I have no issues with my limited as it thankfully did;t come with one.
Sorry again if this has already been discussed, dismissed or seemingly crack pot.
Best of luck,

I have the limited also, so no issue there. I have upgraded the bushings, and I am acclimating to the car, so the motion sickness has gotten a little better.
We experienced this same issue on our trip from SD to MN. The cause is from the Lane Assist because it corrects your position in the lane and the driver corrects the opposite direction slightly which causes the Ascent to slightly swerve causing the motion sickness. We ended disabling the Lane Assist and the motion sickness went away. :)

Yes, I disabled mine too. It's caused too much swaying with the car. Much better without it in my opinion.
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How do you feel that the suspension has changed, now that you have had the new bushings for a little while? I hope you are feeling better.

Yes, the new bushing coupled with disabling the LDA has helped!
You had the 75d installed correct? The 75d are a moderate upgrade over the stock.

Yes, I wanted to try the 75 first to see if it made a difference. I was happy with the upgrade so I left it at that. Thank you again. :grin:
I wasn't having any motion sickness issues with my Ascent. I just didn't like the floating/lose feel after going over a bump or uneven portion of the highway. I ordered the 85d bushings from traildogck. The Ascent instantly felt tighter. I didnt feel like I was floating after hitting a bump. I wouldn't have thought four slightly stiffer bushings would make that dramatic of a difference but it does. Thanks traildogck for making this product.

I think he needs to talk to Subaru about becoming a parts supplier!
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