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Metal creaking noise when braking

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For the ones that have already picked up their new Ascent, I noticed a slight metal creaking noise when I am braking to a stop. Doesn't happen all the time but a lot.

At first I thought that it will go away because being new, the metal components are just settling in but is getting worried that it might be something else.

Anyone else noticing this?
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Our Ascent never made a braking noise. We took it in for the heater bolt recall and when we picked it up it now makes a clunk when braking at about 5 mph. We brought it back. Dealer says it is norm9al. They want 160$ to diagnose it. Seems very odd that it never made this noise (for years) and started when we picked up the car. I have a recording, but the forum won't allow an mp4 attachment.
BTW This is a 2020 Ascent with about 23000 miles on it. Also, I would describe the noise as a "clunk or clink" rather than a creak.
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