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My wife and I placed our preorder the end of May for a CWP Limited, with no add-ons. I've been lurking the forums for a while, and I feel like I might have been somewhat taken advantage of. The Purchase information worksheet from our sales guy listed the Purchase Price is listed at $40,970, with the Total purchase payment of $43,929.14. We did our $1000 down, I will be using a $500 ambassador coupon, and have secured a $500 loyalty coupon from Subaru of America. We are trading in our 2015 Forester Touring (48k miles, apprised in May for $18,500 from dealer, GTP from mysubaru app says 18,275 currently). We will also be using roughly $10k cash and have gotten approved for a pretty good rate from my credit union (2.59% @84mo). I just want to make sure that the price isn't as high as I'm starting to feel. From what I've seen on Edmunds a CWP Limited should be 38,995 for MSRP. It's my first "New" vehicle, and I don't want to be taken advantage of. Can MSRP vary from state to state, I'm located in NC, close to the SC state line, so I have 5 dealerships within a reasonable distance if they are gouging my price. The Purchase Information Worksheet my sales guy had me sign never had me "negotiate" prices, and I was never given a copy of paperwork from him. I've reached out via email a few times, and have only gotten one response. Subaru of America today said the preorder is still saying middle of August delivery date.
Sorry for a long post, just wanting reassurance if the purchase price is good, or if I should get my deposit back (and if so how to go about it).

It seems they tacked on your deposit onto the MSRP of the base Limited with no options. MSRP including the destination fee is $39,970 and invoice is $37,389. This is the site I use to research pricing on everything:

I would start reaching out to find out if you can get a better price. Do you happen to know if your insurance company participates in TrueCar pricing (Allstate does - it's what I have)? Or can you find out if you can get Costco pricing somewhere?
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