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The Ascent is built on the Subaru global platform which, in plain terms, is a car-based frame compared to the 4Runner which is a truck based frame.

The Ascent drives a lot smaller than the truck-frame SUV's.

Subaru, from what I've seen, tends to OVERBUILD things in their first year or two of production. If you are truly concerned about a new model vehicle, you can shop around for an extended warranty through Subaru - you can get them from any dealer, not exclusively the one you're buying from - and find a plan that works for you. I'm hoping to get one for around an 8 or 10 year and 100k mile warranty, with a small deductible to protect me from any type of "major" problem. Anything weird that should happen should do so in that time period.

First and foremost, go find one to test drive. If you don't like it, the conversation stops.
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