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Locking by the Handle not working?

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Is anyone else having problems locking their Ascent by the handle or is there a trick to it do you know? I can walk up to it and open it, but I can only occasionally get it to lock by the handle. I do have the fob in my pocket but either my Ascent has a glitch or it is me. I am leaning (and hoping) towards the latter! Thanks!
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My driver door handle lock seems to be getting worse. I know the sweet spot but it just doesnt work more than it does. I hold my thumb over the entire “slotted” area. Sometimes holding it there for a few seconds works. Sometimes I have to slide my thumb over it. Other times (more than not) Instand there like an idiot waiting for it to kick in, knowing darn well
It would have been easier at that point to just fish out my keys. Its the principle though. I think its busted. Will have to try the passenger side more often to compare.
Mine are pretty sensitive. I usually give the three stripes a little knuckle bump and that works. I've even locked the car accidentally by just brushing up against the handle.

I don't know if this is the kind of thing that can get worse over time, but I could be wrong. I would imagine that it either works or doesn't. Could you be having RF interference of the key fob?
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