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Exactly. I wanted to place my order now to ensure that I have the option to purchase the exact trim/color/options that I prefer a few months after release at a pre-determined price.

I am pretty certain that the Ascent is what I will eventually buy, but if I test drive one and don't like it I can simply cancel my order.

Otherwise, if I wait to test drive one first and then place my order, I am probably going to be looking at November/December/January before I could get the trim/color/options of my choice unless I get extremely lucky and find an unsold one somewhere in my preferred configuration and can agree on an acceptable price.
Same boat as you except my current vehicle might not last till next year (Catalytic converter) which is why I ordered. I saw it in person and really liked the layout but driving it will be the determining factor. I'm hoping they have Demo vehicles in May so I can test it out because if I don't like it I'll cancel and get my second choice vehicle (Explorer) and if I do like it I might talk to the dealer about trading in my vehicle early and taking a loaner until it arrives.

They said they could do that if my car breaks down which is a worry of mine right now.
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