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I don't know if I should even post this here because my Ascent buying ended up being a Forester purchased in the end. But still, I wanted to post about the great service I got from Liberty Subaru in NJ with the forums' Vendors Vehicle Buying program.

In all the years buying vehicles, only once was it a disaster (my first car), thereafter, the process has gotten been better and better.
But after visiting Liberty Subaru in Emerson NJ, I can honestly say that I have never been treated so well and the process so relaxing that even today, 14 days since my visit, I am still astounded and please with the process.

Communicating with Dan Meola via email before my visit was very good and he explain and answered everything. Upon my arrival to the dealership a few days later, I finally met Dan who I didn't recognized at first, (he is actually taller and looks a bit different from his web pic), and we spoke a bit and then got introduced to Brian Goon. I originally wanted an Ascent but like I told Robert.Mauro via PM, it won't fit in my garage, so I downsized to a Forester. So I went with Brian on a test drive with the Forester and I was strangely nervous as heck at this point. Test drive went well and came back to start the ordering process with Brian. I eventually met Dave Finkel of finance also and talked numbers. Throughout this whole process my nervousness went away because they really treat you well, almost like family as strange as that may sound.

The order went well, was quoted (via email) below invoice and with the options/accessories I asked for brought it back to a tiny bit over invoice. They also gave me a great price on my trade in. They use Galves for trade in values and I checked before hand the price range and they almost matched it. Paperwork signed and Order was done. At the end you get a brochure of the vehicle, the signed agreement order form with all the figures on it, a Car Dashboard printout of leasing terms (if one wants to go that route) and the official Subaru added (warranty) list price sheet.

Although my order form shows my email on it, I have yet to receive an email confirmation of the order with VON from Subaru. I guess it will appear closer to port delivery.

The only bad thing about the process is that I have to wait 6-8 weeks before the car gets here since the combo trim I wanted was not available on site. :tango_face_surprise
Bottom line, highly recommended (especially for those that do not like to haggle like me).

Therefore, I want to thank all the members here especially Robert.Mauro for suggesting Liberty and the forums' Vendor buying program. Also thanking Dan, Brian and Dave over at the dealership. I just may even do the 30 mile trek to get the vehicle serviced there instead of ones closer to me.
I may update this if there are any issues when I pick up the vehicle, but I feel everything will be just fine.

6 Weeks can't come soon enough.

Dave out

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So glad things worked out (not unexpected though)!!! Keep us posted with pics of the new Forester here or in the off-topic area when it comes in.

SIX years after my first Subie from @Liberty Subaru and I can say I recommend them even more than my wholehearted recommendations from six years ago!

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Thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure working with you. It is a great feeling to hear that we made you feel like family. That is the idea and what we strive for. It is a simple philosophy of treating others how you would want to be treated.
Just to clarify the price we landed on toward the end is still under the invoice. As we add accessories to the invoice the invoice will adjust. So, you still received the same discount and you are significantly below the invoice.
The Vehicle Order Number is not sent to you from Subaru. I do have it and Brian Goon should have forwarded you an email with that information as well.
I know you are getting anxious! We are making great time! The car was ordered on the 10th and I expect it to arrive to the dealership mid-June.
You will get your first service on us as well. It would be great to see you back in for that. You will see why others rave about our Service department. We have a number of people that come in from the city for service.

I appreciate your post and review of your experience so far. I would love to hear from you after all is said and done. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is all great to hear. It's how we learn and better ourselves for our future clients.

I am looking forward to seeing you again in June!

Thank you,

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