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Is this your 1st Subaru?

If it snows where you live you will appreciate Subaru traction technology 10x over, 6 months from now when it's pounding snow. Where I live, driving a Subaru means you get home on time in the worst weather. Weather that leaves others walking home or camping out in their cars.

My last latest and greatest consisted of popping up on the sidewalk (suburban area) to get around an uphill jam were nobody could get up the hill, including trucks with big tires. I even had to dodge a Denver plow truck that was pinwheeling backward down the hill towards me.

I just drove around everything like it was near dry pavement and was home having dinner at d*mn near my normal commute time.

There might be 5 days a year I NEED a Subaru, for those 5 critical days, I am super happy I have 2. Plus, being turbocharged is just gravy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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