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My 2019 Subaru Ascent 8-seat Premium Details
Ordered: Aug. 24, 2018
Delivered by LaFontaine Subaru: Oct. 12, 2018
Color: Tungsten Metallic
Includes: Pkg #12, Popular Package #4, trailer hitch (installed by factory)
From placard on driver door post: "occupants and cargo should never exceed 1323 lb."
Miles when delivered: 5
Miles when joining this forum: 162
*Low milage so far is due to being at my cabin in Michigan's upper peninsula for a week and the Ascent being at home.

This is my 3rd Subaru. My first was a new 2009 Outback followed by a new 2011 Outback.

Reasons for purchase:
I like the look, driving feel and safety features offered by the new 2018 Ascent, and it was 'time' for a new car.
Upsizing from the Outback allows more, or larger, radio controlled model aircraft to be loaded into the back to take to the radio control flying field on a given day.
The all-wheel drive allows me to access my 'hunting' camp in the western wilderness of Michigan's upper peninsula.
At this time I am looking into returning to pulling a travel trailer, if possible, with my new Ascent. That is mainly why I joined this forum. When the family was young I pulled bunk house type travel trailers with Chevy Suburbans. I am looking into travel trailers that are now often called "couple's coaches".

I look forward to reading about others Ascent experiences and sharing my thoughts and concerns.

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