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Welcome to the forums Doug!

We are in the same boat as you. I have Ascent on order and love the car. But, I still get second thoughts once in a while (like when reports of missing welds and other issues crop up).

Ascent, Atlas, Highlander and Pilot were what were/are considering. Volkswagen's quality issues and expensive repairs turned us off Atlas, which space-wise is difficult to beat. Highlander and Pilot are nice (and I guess reliable), but in the middle of their model cycle, which means two years down, my car would be "old" And, if we go for 2019 models, I'll be paying premium over Ascent for many features.
Sometimes, we also think of spending few thousands more and getting an MDX, but then there's no end to it.

Experience has taught us never to buy a new model in the first year.
Can you please elaborate that a little more? That is one of the biggest worries we have as well.
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