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I installed the passenger sunshades recently (right one a couple weeks back and the left one today). I ordered my parts from Genuine Subaru Parts and Accessories Direct To You | Subaru Parts Authority because the price was the best I could find in my searching. The reason for the gap in right vs. left install is that the left side part was defective upon delivery. The end cap that holds the rotating shade reel inside the assembly was broken/out of place...and there was consequently no tension on the shade.

Ron and Jon at Subaru Parts Authority were extremely helpful with the return and replacement part. Unfortunately, the second one had the exact same defect. These guys shipped a third to me after opening it to inspect it (upon my request) to make sure it was in working order.

Can't say enough about how helpful these guys were. The part that came recently was perfect and I installed it today.

My wife and 3 month old son appreciate the shades as they live in that 2nd row whenever we go anywhere :) .
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