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Was gadget shopping and found a neat one. Hudway Cast! It's basically a phone mirroring HUD for use in your car. It's placed on my dash directly above the steering wheel and makes whatever data I want to show hover above my hood.

Currently I have 2 main things I use it for:
Waze/Google maps
Torque App for MPH/RPM

The results are pretty darn cool! See the pictures for what it looks like, though the one with the car attitude displays was a bit offcenter.

Basic installation is easy. Position HUD on dash, peel adhesive and stick to dash. Plug HUDWAY into car power. Plug phone into HUDWAY.

Configuration the first time is a royal PITA. For Android I had to:
Turn on USB debugging
Install Hudway Cast App
Install MirrorLink and configure
Set USB setting to "Transferring Files"

For the first many times it was trial and error on order of plugging, setting USB options, app startup etc until it all seemed to mesh together.

Now when I plug in the USB after the car is started, it starts Hudway Cast automatically and I just use the pulldown to select USB tethering and "Transferring Files" and then my screen shows on the hud. (Occasionally I still have to mess with the MirrorLink setting to get the screen to show.) Then I select the app I want to view and place my phone on the holder in landscape mode (to match the HUD dimensions).

It was $208 with shipping.

The only other accessory I bought was a right angle USB-C cable to keep the cable runs tidier. It includes some stick on cable holders which I still need to install. I have my phone on a magnetic holder on the left shelf next to my steering wheel (it does come with the same holder I already have which is nice). So that cable runs down to the left of the dash/speedo area and the power cord runs down to the right, so the cords aren't running everywhere. There is also a wireless connection option, but I didn't bother with that. You do have to connect the phone to the Hudway's WIFI every time you get into the car for that to work.

I do love not having to mess with the radio to be able to see my route, so I can still navigate and change stations without switching back and forth. But I do lose the "Android Auto" voice controls working from the steering wheel. So far the tradeoff is worth it. Also my navigation commands now come out of the phone speaker rather than the car speakers, which I'm actually liking better.

Bottom line, I think it's a very worthwhile purchase! BUT if you are not fairly good with technology it will be a painful install. I can help with Android issues, but until I get a chance to hook up my girlfriend's iPhone I won't have a clue about that part. Also even the type of Android phone may cause issues I don't know about. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+.


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Here is the video of it in action

Link to the product page.

I do like that while running waze I can see the screen without looking over and can also change radio stations and such without losing my maps.
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