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Hey All,
Kevin & Teresa checking in from the Joshua Tree, SoCal, area.
We recently bought our 2021 Ascent Touring in Brilliant Bronze. Love It ❤
We bought to be our tow vehicle for an R-Pod 196 (on order) among other recreational and travel purposes. We are very excited for the next chapter to begin.

Our first Subi was the 2015 Impreza Sport Limited, CPO, from an Oregon dealership that only used it as a utility vehicle. Our love for that car led us to want the more rugged Impreza because of the often rugged road conditions of the Mojave desert. But by 2019, when we bought the Crosstrek Limited, CPO in SoCal, it was a downright sports luxury (to us) vehicle, with all that Starlink stuff, etc. Loved it more. Still taken good care of the Impreza, which our daughter will take to university. So the Ascent is our 3rd in a series of proud Subi ownership.

Having said that, I have NOT ordered our "Subaru Badge of Loyalty" yet because they now have a limit of FIVE interests icons. I've shared my dislike for that decision directly with them. IMHO, if they want to save a buck, do so on the first time buyers. By the time I have THREE Subi(s) on my driveway, the most recent almost $50K, I think they can and should give me the 9-10 interest badges I want. There is a lot of real estate on my hatch. (just say'in)

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