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I'm here to learn!

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Hey everyone. My name is Robert. I had no idea the Ascent even existed, I found out because I took my 2-year old Outback in for an oil change at 54k. Spent $70 on it. Just put on new brakes and tires too. And at 60k I know that's the big maintenance expense. Oh well.

So I see the Ascent and we go for a drive. Love it! For my Outback they offered me $18k. Then 19. 20. 21. 22. I got tired and left. Carmax offered me $21.5 but another Subaru dealer who had a nice Ascent offered me $22.5. But that dealer left a bad taste in my mouth, they kept insisting that I fill out a credit application, even trying the sob story that the boss expects it from him. This was good ol' Gil from the Simpsons I swear! But the car had a $2,500 markup because of demand. They can remove it if I just fill out the credit app..... BYE BYE!

Went back to the first dealer, cut to the chase, and made a deal.

Now buying the car was a very stupid thing to do financially. The Outback was fine. I am retiring in a year or two and not going to own ANY cars. So from a money standpoint it was oh so bad. But from a I WANNA BE HAPPY IN A NICE CAR standpoint it was a wonderful choice! Every day when I drive, an I drive a lot, I am going to be smiling at this day. I can't take money with me, so when I sell it I will lose tons because it'll still be new. But I don't care. It's a beauty and I'm happy, and that's what really matters.
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Here FTFY :)

Welcome Robert!
Welcome! I have only been coming here for 3-4 weeks and feel like I've learned a ton. For what its worth, I'm super jealous that you have an Ascent and mine isn't here yet!:smile:
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