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IIHS Ranking: Ascent vs the Competition

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Hey all, most of you already know that the top two trim levels of the Ascent scored top marks in all categories in all tests.

I went overboard and looked up the ratings (where available - some vehicles had no ratings at all for years (cough, Land Rover)) of as many 7/8 seat SUVs and mini vans as I could, including Luxury models priced $10,000-$40,000 more than the Ascent. I compared the top trim to top trim (which is the IIHS default view).

The list is below, for those of you who want to compare top trims to top trims, of 29 different 7/8 seater vehicle models (the Ascent being one of the 29). I even included some of the most popular mini-vans because some of you are considering moving from them (such as the Honda Odyssey).

Scroll down on each IIHS Ratings Page for all the technical data from the tests, as well as to see how different trim levels performed for each vehicle model.

In case any of you are not sure what the results are and don't have the time to check this rather long list, here's the Cliff Notes version:
Though some small number of them are rated really close, yes, the Ascent beats them all. ALL of them. Every one of them, no matter the price.

I'm not surprised. As I kept saying before the Ascent was even released, it would be a very very safe beast.


(alphabetical order)

Chevy Tahoe

Chevy Traverse

Chrysler Pacifica

Ford Expedition

Ford Explorer

Ford Flex

Honda Odyssey

Honda Pilot

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Tuscon

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Kia Sorento

Mazda CX-9

Mitsubishi Outlander

Nissan Murano

Nissan Pathfinder

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Sienna

VW Atlas

(alphabetical order)
Acura MDX

Audi Q7

Buick Enclave

Cadillac Escalade

Lexus RX

Lincoln MKX

Lincoln Navigator

Mercedes Benz GLS

Volvo XC90

Note: A bunch of you have already seen this buried on page 8 of another thread, but, I decided to make a new post and sticky it for those people looking for the ratings and the comparisons, so they don't have to search through different threads, and then page after page to find it all.

I will continue to add other vehicles to the list as people offer other suggestions.
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Thank you Rob. My wife and I appreciate the information you provide about Subaru! This safety rating is why we bought an Ascent.
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Thank you Robert! Awesome comparison across the board!
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