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It took a while to find the plug under the dash next to the left kick panel, that honestly was the hardest part with installing the controller. This is my third Subaru and I won’t drive anything else but I had a hard time not understanding why the Ascent owners manual mentions nothing about where the brake controller plug or how to install the controller with the supplied wiring harness. This is my first vehicle for towing so I have little experience but I did figure out the controller installation and all went smoothly. I am somewhat perplexed with my dealership for not being willing to install my controller and not being able to give me some advice. Their answer was to go to a place that performs that service for which I tried yet no one wanted to touch it because it’s such a new model with no information regarding the installation. But with all the advice from this forum I bought the recommended controller and the self installation went fine. Many thanks to all the Subaru lovers participating in this forum!
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