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This is yet another reason I use Google maps...everything is accessible between multiple devices and your new Ascent has CarPlay/AndroidAuto to take advantage of that.
This is the way to go. Just brought in my Ascent for the fuel pump recall and got a base Forester as a loaner. I plugged my Android phone into the front USB-A ports and my favorite Spotify playlist started right up without any fiddling. Just remember to plug the phone in a few seconds after the car and infotainment system have started up. See this thread for a few more AA tips.

I eschew the factory NAV unless I'm in an area without a data signal and I neglected to download offline maps to my phone.

As for transferring settings, this is a manual process as others have stated. I suppose you could ask the dealer to have someone do it for you. However, there will be plenty of other "settings" and adjustments for you to tend to wtih a new vehicle. Adjusting seats, mirrors, seat belt height, eyesight following distance, TPMS metric/imperial, etc.
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