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My first Subaru was in 2009. I got very ill in 2008 and nearly died. Was in the hospital for 3 months and took 8 months to recover enough to go back to work. I had always loved cars and my wife said that when I got better we could buy a nice car. I owned a 1999 Hyundai Tiburon at the time (which was a very nice car for the price).

I had thought about it and always wanted a WRX since they were released. It hit the sweet spot of price/performance. Not quite as fast as the STI, but at $10k cheaper it fit our budget and I loved the AWD. So I got a screaming deal on a base rally blue 2009 WRX. What an amazing car. Driving in North Scottsdale among hoards of BMWs, Mercedes and Lexus I'd have fun leaving them at the line wondering what just happened? This little japanese sedan just left them in the dust. :D

Ironically when we went to look at the WRX, we missed the turn and ended up parking in the Kia parking lot right next door. The salesman ran out and said, "Whatever you want to buy over there, I can get you here cheaper!". I turned to him and said, "Do you have a car that can go 0-60 in 5 seconds?" That shut him up and we kept walking :D

My wife loved the car so much she wanted a Subaru. The 2011 Outback fit the bill nicely. Roomy, plenty of cargo space for trips and great gas mileage ticked all the boxes. We were a 2 Subaru family until 2015 when we decided to get a fifth wheel for camping. So we traded in my Subaru for a 2015 GMC 2500. Then my wife drove that and I had the Outback.

For me the Outback was a big decrease in power and handling. No, it couldn't carve like the WRX or smoke all 4 tires but it was still fun to drive.

The Outback was getting a bit old so we traded it in on a 2017 model. Another great car in the stable!

When my wife died in 2018 I no longer needed 2 cars. I was selling the fifth wheel and no longer needed the truck. I still had my pop-up camper (we never sold it) so wanted 1 car that could pull it and also be my daily driver. The Ascent fit the bill perfectly. I traded both the Outback and the Truck in and got my 2019 Ascent in September. The trade in on my 2017 Outback in 2018 was pretty amazing.... I was shocked at how much value it retained.

Shortly after I also bought a 1988 Mustang that was fully converted into a road racing car. If you're going to have a mid-life crisis, might as well go all in! Then I also bought a trailer for hauling it to the track. The Ascent tows it with ease.

I'm still a happy Subaru owner. I recommend them to everyone whenever cars come up.

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