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(T-Box) Full Android AI Box - Convert Your Car Screen to Android Tablet

I recently purchased the adapter linked above,
This media box enables you to really have a complete tablet experience. It’s really similar to the android t style radio. I’m happy with it.I have the $270 one from the carlinkit website.
however, I've had some concerns of late. Seeing as Carplay is entirely done on the iPhone, and iPhones don't share internet over wifi, there isn't a possibility of data being harvested when using these modules correctly? My car can already handle CarPlay, it just doesn't do it wirelessly.
I know you can update them using safari, but other than I'm assuming no outward communication is allowed. I'm posting this here as my Civic "technically" runs an android head unit :)
Thanks for any help/insight.

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iPhones do have the capability to share Internet access with other devices...but not when you are using them with a wireless CarPlay dongle. Why? Because the dongle has a private WiFi connection for CarPlay to work and the phone can only be on one WiFi network at a time. Obviously, the phone still has Internet access via Cellular which is why messaging, email and streaming services still work.

I could be wrong, but I believe that the low power WiFi connection between the dongle and the phone is likely point to point and even if not, the range is extremely constricted. It also has no connection to the world.
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