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Hitch platform & storage

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Any suggestions for a good system?

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Any suggestions for a good system?

For minimal lights obstruction, I am using this:

For cargo on it, I am using a Pelican 1690 case, and Thule locking tie-down straps. I also added an LED brake/turn/reverse light:

I used a 7 pin to 4 pin plus one adapter for reverse lighting.

There are a bunch of enclosed systems including with swing arms and such as well - most of the big names are pretty decent. I opted for the open carrier so I had more flexibility, but your needs might be different than mine.
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I use this on our Outback and plan to use it on our Ascent:

It is very durable and strong. Sometimes I wish I had a lighter version as I don't need to put a lot of weight there, just usually bulky items. When I first got it and assembled it (back when I got it you could order it assembled/welded or the version I got where you bolt it together), I did spray undercoat on some critical areas to avoid surface rust.
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I use this >

It is aluminum and very light. It holds what I need and keeps it secure. With a 500# capacity, it exceeds the tongue weight of the Ascent.
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